THE VICTORY LOG: What our Brand stands for:



All our programs have been tested over and over again - we only give you what works. They are based on proven principles that work in various industries. 



One of our Key Credo's is: Add the most value possible to the largest number of people with the least possible effort & cost:

Our Credo is your Benefit.



The simpler, the better. That's why we give you templates and systems to follow so there is no guesswork and it's also duplicable and teachable. 



Time is Money. 

WRONG. Time is more valuable than money: You can always make more money, but you cannot get more time - it is a very precious commodity. This is why we stand for effective & efficient programs, no BS, no Timewasters, no Bla-Bla. Just straight forward proven step-by-step processes that you can implement immediatly.



It's your Results that count, and YOUR Success that matters. Therefore

we offer you a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on pretty much all of our


- should you be unhappy, please let us know.

testimonials: what our students say about our salesprograms


"Before the program I was thinking I'm not a salesperson, I can't do this, and my Little Voice told my "you can't sell". Doing a lot of practice I was then able to experience, that I really can do this, and I sold 10 voice coachings and my business is increasing!"

Kornelia Kotulla, Germany

Holistic Vocal Coach


"When it came to closing deals and asking people for money, I used to get  all choked up and couldn't even speak any more. After attending the Sales Explosion Program I got a big AHA in regards to what sales really is and I now have no more issues with asking for the sale. It has benefited me a lot in my communication skills as well - everybody will benefit from attending!"

Dr. Amani Said

Project Manager at Science Matters


Before I attented I was so scared of sales, it was a full rejection, I would do whatever it took  not to sell, when I came to Zurich I could see there was another way arround it - it was a mindshift. Biggest takeaway: I was able to sell during the course - for the first time my own product! Huge recommendation - thank you!

Diana Blanco, Spain


"Before the Sales & Leadership program I was procrastinating too much, after the program I am now a much better listener & planer and I can controll my little voice. I highly recommend the program if you want to improve not only in sales but being a leader for your peers!"

Michiel von de Watering

Founder of