bad news & good news for coaches...


Are you a Sales Talent?

Interviewing more than 200 coaches and working with over 70 of them we found that Sales typically does not come natural to coaches.

Coaches are all about helping and serving, not so much about selling.

When it comes to asking for money, handling objections and closing a deal, a lot of coaches hesitate and are - consciously or unconsciously - concerned about being pushy, salesy and "creepy" when doing that.

BAD NEWS is, that you will never be able to scale your Coaching Business if you cannot sell. And... you might have to go back and get a job and give up on your dream of having an impact on other peoples' lives doing what you love.

GOOD NEWS is, that sales is a Learnable Skill.

That's why we created THE SALES BOOTCAMP™, a 1 day intensive workshop to give you a head start by practicing and drilling proven techniques so you don't have to be pushy, salesy and "creepy" when selling, but can use your natural talent to help people to your advantage.

Come and join us for this one day intensive experiential workshop and walk out of there with a "think-sales" attitude and a toolbox with techniques to directly apply for more revenue. Apart from the tools we will play a game that will teach you in the most efficient, effective and fun way possible about the no 1 skill in business - and life: SALES!

We are looking forward to it welcoming you!

Nathalie Sabrina Dahl


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what your going to learn, practice & drill at the sales bootcamp:



Learn & practice the method that compliments your natural tendency & desire to help & serve with the non-salesy SMOOTH SAILING SALES METHOD™ you can use for any 1:1 interactions.

Close more deals by feeling comfortable and at ease with this method designed for Coaches (and other non-hardcore sales personalities).



How much do you love cold-calling - on the telephone? Honestly, I hated it. Whenever I had to do phonecalls, I used to procrastinate, big time. Uhmmm.. I can't do it right now - later.... but later hardly came -  sound familiar?

Good news is, these days are over - learn how to convert prospects into clients by chatting with them on Social Media.




Your ability to sell 1 : many is essential for leveraging your business. Use this technique we developed for live events or webinars! The reason it works so well is because it's non-invasive and non-pushy, your product practically sells itself and you don't have to "convince" anybody to buy.


Earn your investment for the training back, for real, at the BOOTCAMP.... with a live Sales Drill Exercise!

How many Sales Programs do you know where you get the opportunity to WIN - for real? 

Come join us for the next event and see how you can earn your investment back - and some - live, at the event!


Big Wins at THE last SALES BOOTCAMP!

Congratulations Ken Kurtzweg for closing a 6 figure deal using the Sales Bootcamp Techniques :-)) !!!

Mattia Brunello from Italy: Congrats for selling 2 tickets valued 20 x the investment of the bootcamp, right there, at the workshop! That's what we call a nice ROI!

Congratulations to Diana Blanco from Madrid for your big win at the SALES BOOTCAMP yesterday, making 1 REAL SALE during one of the exercises which paid for her trip plus 50 %!

Antonio Forni from Switzerland: Great Energy & Community - learned to pitch!

what participants of the sales bootcamp say:

Gaspar da Silva, Zurich (Brazil)

Coming from the IT branch, SALES was always an "alien" to me &   Nathalie gracefully showed how easy it is to become a sales expert.

Daniela Babjakova, Zurich (Poland)

I have been on a couple of events of Nathalie, the outcome has always been inspiration, insights, but most importantly = schemes, structure & clarity!!!

Andras Kapros, Zurich (Hungary)

Before the Sales Bootcamp I had no clue how to approach sales. After: good understanding of salesprocess, mindset and proven tools to work with in the future

Mariana Solorzano, Mexico

Loved that Nathalie taught us practical things that we can use to sell. Before the workshop I was having doubts about: selling on stage, handling objections, offer 1:many After the event  I learned all those things.

Adrian Gasser, Fällanden

Spent a short day with a lot of learning, training, adapting and improvement. A one day program that usualy is a full-week-training.

Kenneth Kurtzweg, Germany

This Bootcamp is essential for anyone with their own business and to become successful.

Diana Blanco, Spain

One thing is thinking of sales and a completely different one is doing it. Before I wasn't clear on how to add value, now I am and that gives me the confidence to ask for money in return.

Katrin Rossi, Zurich

Engaging & practical content, GREAT PRESENTER. 

I always thought that selling is sleezy & horrible. Now I can see that it is about adding value to people who really need my services.

Amani Said, Sweden

I learned even deeper how to adress my "blockers" when it comes to selling and the value of practising objections, which is my biggest challenge. 

Although I have attended sales workshops before SBC, I still struggled with selling. After taking this workshop I have been able have even further breakthroughs and remove even more of my blockers that were hiding back to sell! An awesome workshop, take it !!

testimonials: what our students say about our salesprograms


"Before the program I was thinking I'm not a salesperson, I can't do this, and my Little Voice told my "you can't sell". Doing a lot of practice I was then able to experience, that I really can do this, and I sold 10 voice coachings and my business is increasing!"

Kornelia Kotulla, Germany

Holistic Vocal Coach


"When it came to closing deals and asking people for money, I used to get  all choked up and couldn't even speak any more. After attending the Sales Explosion Program I got a big AHA in regards to what sales really is and I now have no more issues with asking for the sale. It has benefited me a lot in my communication skills as well - everybody will benefit from attending!"

Dr. Amani Said

Project Manager at Science Matters


"Before the Sales & Leadership program I was procrastinating too much, after the program I am now a much better listener & planer and I can controll my little voice. I highly recommend the program if you want to improve not only in sales but being a leader for your peers!"

Michiel von de Watering

Founder of

Date, Location, Investment


May 2 & 3, 2020



including 3 min stage time, stage coaching on the spot 

& pictures on stage for your marketing (money shot): CHF 897.-


general admission: CHF 597.-

EARLY BIRD until March 31, 2020

general admission: CHF 397.-